J-Fall Preconference Masterclasses

On Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 (the day before the J-Fall Conference) the NLJUG organizes expert level preconference Masterclasses. We will provide you with masterclasses of 4 hours from top level speakers such as Venkat Subramaniam, Deepu K Sasidharan, Andres Almiray and Ixchel Ruiz.
Visit these preconference masterclasses of J-Fall to really go in-depth and learn all about the newest Java technology. You will be granted entrance to J-Fall when you get your ticket and you will be able to join the network drinks.

A ticket for the preconference is 129 euro.

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  • Design Patterns Revisited in Modern Java
    Venkat Subramaniam

    Design Patterns are common ways to solve problems that developers have discovered over time. They often fill the gaps between the language capabilities and the design goals. When languages mature, sometimes patterns become natural features of languages and blend in to the natural way of writing code instead of a special effort. Java has evolved significantly over the years. In this session we’ll revisit some common design problems and see how patterns are realized to solve those problems with the modern capabilities in Java.

  • Build and deploy cloud native Java microservices on Kubernetes with Istio service mesh
    Deepu K Sasidharan

    Istio is one of the most popular services mesh solutions available these days. In this deep dive session, let us see how to build and deploy Java microservices to the cloud using Istio, Kubernetes, JHipster, and Spring Cloud. Istio moves the responsibility of service discovery, load balancing, circuit breaking, monitoring, etc from the application to the platform(Kubernetes) thus letting the developers focus on the business code. But setting it up could be a daunting task for beginners and pros alike. In this session, we will take a deep dive into how Istio works and will learn how to use different features of istio, like load balancing, canary deployments, A/B testing, and so on. What you will learn:
    – What is a service mesh, how does Istio work, and what features does it offer
    – How to build Java microservices quickly using JHipster
    – How to add Istio support to your Java microservices
    – Setup Istio on a Kubernetes installation (for example on Google Cloud)
    – Setup observability and monitoring for the Kubernetes + Istio cluster
    – Deploy microservices to Kubernetes
    – How to use different Istio features like load balancing, canary deployments, A/B testing, routing, and traffic splits
    – Security options for Java + Spring + Istio

  • Maven in depth: beyond the basics
    Andres Almiray & Ixchel Ruiz

    Apache Maven is an ubiquitous build tool in the Java ecosystem, some even claim it’s the defacto standard build tool. Configuring Maven is deceptively simple, after all it’s just a matter of writing XML, isn’t it? Things look differently when the rubber meets the road. One must know the intricacies of the build lifecycle; how plugins, goals (mojos), and phases come together; rules for dependency resolution; configuration inheritance between parent – child POM files; enhancing the build with profiles; and more. Fortunately we’ll cover all these topics in this workshop. We’ll begin from scratch and move to advanced topics thus by the end of the session you should feel quite comfortable working with Maven.


12:30 Welcome

13:00 Start masterclasses

(4 hours with 2x 15-minute break)

17:30 End masterclasses

18:00 Drinks and networking


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